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We help make opening an escrow as easy as possible by offering a variety of useful and important escrow forms for Real Estate brokers, agents, and professionals.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Shannon as my escrow officer during a transaction and she was amazing. The Alliance team handled a very fast closing (15 days) on a cash buyer with ease and grace. For those in the business like myself know that this is nothing short of amazing when all goes well like it did with Alliance Escrow. I highly recommend them for your future escrow needs.

    Anthony Andaya
    San Diego, CA
  • The Alliance team is fantastic!! They are detail-oriented and efficient, and very helpful to our clients. We appreciate that they are willing to explain things fully and are available when we call. We feel fortunate to have such a caring and friendly group of people helping us every step of the way! Highly recommend!!!

    Frank Jimenez
    San Diego, CA
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An escrow is a deposit of funds, a deed or other instrument by one party for the delivery to another party upon completion of a specific condition or event. It is an independent neutral account by which the interests of all parties to the transaction are protected. what is escrow? When opening an escrow, the buyer and seller of a piece of property establish terms and conditions for the transfer of ownership of that property. These terms and conditions are given to a third, impartial party known as the escrow holder. The escrow holder has the responsibility of seeing that the terms are carried out. The escrow is a "storehouse" for all monies, instructions and documents necessary for the sale of your home.
This includes the buyer providing funds for a down payment, and the seller depositing the deed and any other necessary papers.

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